Last morning waking up to 2017✨

I’ve always loved NYE (even more than Christmas) and not because of the sparkles or champagne- It’s usually my most introspective day of the year. I really look back on the people, lessons, themes and try to understand where I’m being guided and where I’ve been misleading myself. Im going to start my day with spinach and eggs for breakfast, a hot lemon tea, bubble bath and heavy journaling 💕

I don’t know why things happen the way they do or why some years seem easier than others. But I do know that there’s no room for growth in comfort zones. Sometimes the moments, days and weeks that feel the most uncomfortable are the moments, days and weeks we are being transformed into the best versions of ourselves- because time after time, we survive and get through the unimaginable. Forcing ourselves to face life with optimism, remain open to change, humble to the present moment, and grateful for the people in our lives who see us through all of our challenges. I sincerely hope everyone has an amazing 2018 and that your wildest hopes for your future come true.

Happy New Year ❤️✨


Dreams, Premonitions & That Place Between Sleep and Awake.

It seems as though dreams are all or nothing. Some mornings, I can’t remember a thing that I dreamt about – other mornings, I remember the smallest details and my body feels extremely tired out (physically sore!) regardless of how long I’ve slept. Over the years I’ve had very weird experiences with dreams. I’ve had three lucid dreams (however most I usually wake up as soon as I realize I’m lucid! It’s like experiencing “writers block” but for me it was “dreamers block”- once I realized I was creating, I suddenly couldn’t come up with anything!). I’ve woken up to “sounds” – this one is definitely weird to talk about. A few times I could hear a voice, repeating words I didn’t understand over and over but it was very soothing- and it carried me from dream state to awake so that one I have no explanation for (anyone have any ideas I’m open to hear it!). Ive experienced sleep paralysis most commonly, which is usually very scary. I’ll save that for a separate post. I’ve also experienced a few premonitions which I want to focus on today. Usually I dream of people if they are thinking of me. I once messaged an ex boyfriend after 2 whole years of not talking – at all. I was dreaming of him for two weeks solid- every night. I decided to break my rule and send him a message because I took it as a sign. Turns out… he had booked a trip to my city for a family event and had been heavily debating reaching out to me. I never told him about those dreams, or anyone really. But because all of this is such a big part of who I am, I really do want to share more with open minded people and hopefully learn more and connect with others who experience similar experiences.

SO with that being said- I have something exciting to share. I experienced my first “premonition” dream in what seems like forever. Last night I had a series of very intense dreams. At one particular part, I noticed I had sharp, small pieces of glass and clear quartz in my hands. They were like different sized slivers and painful to touch and remove. I would take them out (sometimes drawing blood-ouch) but then they would reappear throughout my dream. I kept being very careful with my hands throughout the rest of my dreams and was consciously aware to “be gentle to avoid further pain”. Anyways here’s the weird part. This morning, I was showering in my hotel room. This was a fancy waterfall shower with… a sliding ….glass door. After I finished, I opened the door and it completely fell of the hinge- I managed to hang on to it but with my sprained pinky I felt very weak! I tried to lift it back into place, but the glass was soaked from the water and small slivers of glass chipped away from the door. (if you can imagine what raw selenite looks like- this is what I saw but glass).

I instantly thought back to my dream and knew to move veryyyy carefully and to not aggressively handle the door because I will likely cause further damage and get glass stuck in my hands. I really feel like my dream was a warning and things could have been much worse.

Here’s a little pictograph I found about clear quartzI truly believe that whatever we pay attention to, acknowledge and give thanks to in life is what will amplify in the world around us. So I wanted to share and give thanks to the universe for these little messages and symbols because theres nothing I love more than serendipity and validating moments of intuition.

2017: The Grand Finale

With 2017 coming to a close, Ive really been reflecting on how my year has been – cherishing the highs and grateful for the lows because they brought lessons to my attention. I can’t help but always want to better myself: spiritually, mentally, emotionally. So naturally, I’ve been zeroing in on where I can make positive changes in my life during this time.

The past month- I have felt just about every emotion a person could feel. The excitement of purchasing my first car, the independence of my new condo, the butterflies of a new interest. Those were my good feelings. I also felt a lot of anxiety, sadness and anger when i had to unexpectedly evacuate my place. The tail end of December I’ve been really thinking about why the universe presents us things only to take them away. And why all at once. What’s the message? When I’m still, and ask myself this… this is what I feel: The universe (I think) is doing a few things:

Testing our faith. Happiness is not an end point or goal- it is a state, a mindset and something that (just like any emotion) comes and goes. We have to trust the process, trust the path and trust ourselves. Sometimes bad things happen so we are reminded that nothing is permanent. This thought gives us a better appreciation for the good things when they do happen for us. Sometimes bad things happen so that we look to God, the universe and deep within ourselves. You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only option.

Testing our response. Feeling positive emotions is obviously a great feeling- and I’m sure most people prefer feeling happy over feeling sad. But there really is a gift to our negative thoughts and experiences. Think of all of the tortured artists who took their pain and created it into something beautiful. They made a shift. They changed their perspectives and they channelled energy into creating something new. They responded mindfully. We have to take our negative experiences and really look for the silver lining. And if you can’t see one- trust that one day you will. Life has a weird way of only making sense looking backwards. Hindsight is 20/20. We can only practice our responses to negativity when we are experiencing it. So really understand that during the absolute worst times of your life- that is when you have the greatest opportunity to make the shift. And that, as painful as it may feel, is a gift.

I’ve been processing so much energetically lately. So much frustration within myself not to mention the collective- it seems like everyone is going through a lot right now which I definitely feel. It’s like the universe was throwing me a 2017 grand finale test to see how badly I am willing to fight for what I want in life, to always come back swinging, and always keep my faith in the universe, energy and love. I was given the opportunity to practice what I preach. I’ve also been given the opportunity to really recognize and be grateful for the people in my life who always show up, support and encourage me. I also became very aware of my self destructive habits which I am immediately addressing. I’ll post more on that when I’m out of this haze because it’s important.

All of this is so much easier said than done, and believe me I’m still working on “appreciating” the past couple of weeks (I mean, even my phone shattered and I sprained my little pinky!). But that’s okay- we are all works in progress, living and learning the best we can. I hope whoever reads this finds comfort in knowing that your emotions are valid and you are worthy of discovering the beauty and gifts in all of the mysterious events that occur around you- the good and the bad. Sometimes life chips away at us only to sculpt us into the absolute best version of ourselves possible.

Here’s to recognizing beauty and breakthroughs during the breakdown in 2018.


S A T U R N   R E T U R N : If you change nothing, nothing changes.

There are so many aspects I love about astrology, but lately I have been most fascinated by Saturn Returns as myself and friends are currently experiencing our first one.

“a Saturn return is an astrological transit that occurs when the planet Saturn returns to the same place in the sky that it occupied at the moment of a person’s birth”. Every planet orbits the zodiac at a different rate. The “inner” planets (the planets closest to us) move at a faster rate. The moon for example moves signs every 2 to 2-1/2 days. The outer planets take much longer to complete a cycle. Saturn, the planet of Karma, lessons and restrictions orbits the entire zodiac every 28-30 years to return back to its “starting point”.


Because the inner planets move faster, they can have more of an effect on your day to day emotions and energy. They can also be better at indicating someone’s individual personality traits which is why most astrologers tend to focus on the sun, moon, venus and mars when getting a feel for someone’s “individuality” energetically.  The slower moving planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto) have more of a gradual shift but can be felt more collectively and can have a lasting “steady” impact on a person or a generation of people. It sort of feels like anticipation- and if you’re sensitive like me, you can feel it creeping up.

Before I talk too much about Saturn I think it’s important to understand it’s “neighbor”,  Jupiter (my favorite planet!). Jupiter is the planet of expansion, LUCK, fortune, optimism, higher learning and philosophy. Wherever Jupiter is placed in your chart- that area tends to be where  areas of your life tend to be “magnified”- I love looking into someone’s Jupiter placement because it shows where they will experience optimistic expansiveness and I love focusing on that joy. Because of all of this EXPANSIVE energy Jupiter brings- Saturn is needed to sort of pull in the reins and stop too much of an energetic overflow from happening (because life is about balance, right!). So this is why Saturn is viewed as the “grandfather” planet. It is wise, mature and sets boundaries where Jupiter doesn’t. Where Saturn comes AFTER Jupiter, it really helps “contain” that expansive energy within our chart. Having spent so much of my life feeling restricted, I resisted connecting or even learning much about Saturn- it didn’t feel “good” to me. But as I’ve aged, I’ve learned everything is about balance and perspective.

As I mentioned earlier, Saturn makes it’s way back home within a persons birth chart every 28-30 years. Close your eyes and think of it like a friend’s energy coming to visit you. As the time of their visit approaches, you will anticipate the energy that accompanies them (consciously or otherwise). When they “arrive” that energy may be amplified – for better or for worse. Depending on how the interaction goes and how you feel about that persons energy will ultimately determine the lasting effects. Other factors that affect your “friends visit” (or Saturns Return) could be whoever else’s energy is around at that time (aka the other planets placements). Similar to how you may act differently around your in-laws verses your best friends. You are still the same person- but different people bring out different qualities within you (as any empath would know first hand!). Just because particular energies have been set doesn’t mean your own conscious interpretation will not effect the ultimate outcome of the situation. At the end of the day- you create meaning as everything is completely subjective and free will makes the final decision of the reality you choose to create and interpret. Every planet is a double edged sword, having both positive and negative energetic aspects just as we do on an individual level. “As above, so below”. We are essentially the same cosmic force only… trapped in a meat skeleton.


So with all of that in mind, what is your Saturn return and why is it important?

Around the age of 27 people will feel their first shift or a sense that something is changing within themselves. This is the “anticipating your friends visit” energetically I talked about earlier. I find a lot of people in my generation have coined this feeling a “quarter life crisis”. It’s funny to me when people say they don’t believe in astrology yet can clearly feel the effects! Saturn will push you to recognize the boundaries you created for yourself in life – it will shed light on where you have limited yourself and it also helps create the required limits or structure that you need to further your development. Saturn calls us to task. Saturn calls us on our shit. Saturn makes us aware of what we need to change. It solidifies things in our life- so depending on how you feel about your life right now, this can be good or bad. For some people right now, it might feel like sinking in quicksand, frantically looking around trying to decide where you want to go before becoming completely “Swallowed up” energetically.

Saturn makes you call yourself on your own BS and acts as your wake up call. It asks if we are living the lives we really want and makes us feel accountable for where we find ourselves and responsible for making immediate change where necessary.

So many people feel a drastic urgency to make these changes whether that be in their health, career, romantic relationships or geographical locations more than ever during their Saturn Return. It literally feels like your choices will make or break who you are and define your destiny. I know that sounds dramatic, but that’s how it feels to many. Your Saturn return is a cross roads. We ask ourselves how we want to shape ourselves and the world around us and cut ties from the people, places and jobs that are not taking us to that next step of spiritual growth that allows us to be more of who we really are. It’s not uncommon for people to start their businesses during this time, let go of jobs they hate, move provinces or end marriages. It’s as if we are stopping our vehicle- cleaning it up inside and out, then starting our engine again and deciding what road we want to take feeling lighter, cleaner, with a better sense of clarity and purpose. Unfortunately- a lot of this will require uncomfortable change. Those who fear making these changes will carry this fear (no matter how deep they bury it) until the next time Saturn returns in their chart (which would be around the age of 55-56… which is… mid life crisis time! No coincidence there haha).

The fact that our generation has made up the term “quarter life crisis” makes most baby boomers roll their eyes. Some (not all) see our generation as weak, oversensitive babies. However, I feel hopeful. We are clearly recognizing and assessing our emotions with more depth and critical urgency and that’s pretty damn cool to me. We are making a shift towards another spiritual revolution.

imageI started to feel my Saturn Return just before my 27th birthday. One day I intuitively knew I needed to move… across the country. ASAP. I literally felt like I had worn out my time and achieved my purpose and staying any longer would cause stagnation deep within my heart and soul. Within three months I broke my lease, sold almost everything I owned (the items felt like shackles, weights and burdens) and moved. I felt I needed a blank slate to prepare for my next mission. I wrote down every goal I hadn’t achieved and I’ve pretty much accomplished most of them since I moved a year and a half ago. I decided to see nothing but opportunity, put in the work and really analyze my interactions with people I met seeing everyone as a teacher and guidepost on whether or not I was on the right path. Now that I am “in” My Saturn return- I am so grateful that I listened to my intuition and prepared myself. I feel so much clearer since I made the hard decisions and put conscious effort into my emotional and spiritual growth. But that being said- I’m not “safe”.

Just because you’ve “prepared” doesn’t mean the storm isn’t going to hit, because it will.  After working my butt off this entire year, I was recently hit with a fire/flood. Nearly lost my cat and all of my belongings. I had to evacuate my little dream condo. Most people think that when you learn a lesson, you don’t have to go through it again… but that is so wrong.

Our lives all have reoccuring themes. We all carry karma and residual energy from past lives- it’s so important that we recognize the themes and stay consistent in bettering ourselves and our responses to negative situations and the themes that we find ourselves reliving. So I guess what I’m saying is, get better- not bitter.

If you are under the age of 30, I would  highly suggest taking up journalling to really self examine where you feel changes need to be met to prepare for your Saturn Return. The changes that are not met within this time frame will likely be presented to you with more force come mid life (during your second Saturn Return). So trust your instincts and dive into change, release what no longer serves you and trust that you are making space to build a NEW foundation for Saturn to make it’s second orbit on within your natal chart. Whatever blocks you feel, now is the time to address them with honesty while remaining open to the changes that come with what you release as the universe does not like empty spaces energetically. What you release will be replaced with something even better so be mindful of the gifts, people and new situations life will present and welcome them in.

Everything’s a test made to better you if only you choose to believe it. 

Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animals.

Meg ❤


Sometimes I find myself saying just the right thing at exactly the right time to people when they are going through a tough time. It’s usually completely unexpected and not premeditated in any way but somehow exactly what they need to hear and honestly, that gives me such a great feeling of purpose. I have been experiencing this since I was little. Going on tangents about something and while rambling thinking to myself “Ah! I wish I could hold these thoughts long enough to write them down”. I think that’s why I admire writers so much. A lot of what I feel and say is very much an ebb and flow that I can never fully grasp. It’s almost as if I turn on a tap of water and whatever flows, flows. But just as soon as it comes rushing out, serving it’s purpose, it disappears. Last night, my friend experienced this while talking with me. It was really amazing to see another like minded person experience that euphoria when you say something so bang on and think “damn. that was real– where did that come from?”

       I wanted to blog about this because what I’ve learned recently is that this is essentially a form of channeling.  


Me & Dad when I was just a little softie.

I have been doing this for most of my life now and I have just recently clued in that when I am simultaneously rambling and connecting with someones heart, I am actually tapping into a very potent stream of consciousness. Being sensitive and an empath- I can tell when what I say to someone resonates because I can feel their shift. From my perspective I just start talking and when I “feel” like I’ve hit a sweet spot (when I feel their shift)-  that’s sort of when the flood gates really open for me and I am in a complete state of flow. It’s like I’m in a batting cage hitting it out of the park one sentence after another- and it feels like such a rewarding rush delivering a message to someone that makes them feel better. I honestly can’t think of a better feeling than making someone feel understood, heard, or appreciated.


I have really struggled with admitting this for fear of judgement from peers, but it’s my truth and I’m owning it now.  Sometimes I almost feel like I am trying to describe a color no one has ever seen before. But I guess you can’t find people that speak your language if you don’t try.  Another thing I’ve noticed with channeling is that it only really happens for me when I am in a state of seriously open hearted empathy. The times I feel like I’ve allowed words to flow through me, I am intently listening to someone and just being present with them and their energy.


Swimming in my favourite hidden waterfall. The most amazing meditative space for me has always been open water. Cape Breton, NS.

My friend and I were in such an amazing flow yesterday and talked endlessly about life, consciousness, signs and really bounced ideas off of one another all night. I felt like something was really moving through us and it felt so amazing to have that sort of raw, non judgemental open conversation with someone. That is honestly one of the best feelings in the world for me. One thing we talked about was being present and allowing yourself the opportunity to really feel your emotions (good and bad!). We are meant to feel highs and lows, comfort and discomfort. But because emotions and feelings carry so much energy a lot of people feel overwhelmed and need to impulsively REACT immediately to an unfamiliar energetic or emotional shift just to “deal with it” or shut it down. For me, this has been  one of my biggest lessons in life- to just breathe, be present and really feel the feeling as opposed to strongly reacting to it.


When you react negatively to a perceived “negative” emotion you don’t “make it go away” all you do is act as a catalyst, only feeding it further and making yourself a vibrational match to even more negative experiences. This is why they say “bad things happen in threes”.

     When you start to be more gentle with your feelings and welcome them into your energy without judgment you are allowing yourself an opportunity for growth which is the ultimate gift you could give yourself.


So… think of your emotions as different relatives- you prefer some over the others but at the end of the day you should love them all and always keep in mind for as crazy as that one uncle is- he’s not crashing at your place forever. You can’t control them but you can control your reaction to them. We can learn so much from how we feel but it’s crucial to remember that it’s not the feeling itself but our interpretation of the feeling that matters. Everything shifts for the better in our lives when we react based on love and not fear.  Life is beautifully subjective, you really are the artist of your own world. So be present with yourself and be mindful of your interpretations because they are actively coloring your reality. Let go of control and just let it flow.

Here’s my current favourite song I’ve been listening to every morning all week.
Live in the Moment